CleanHome – cleans up users $HOME directory by analyzing «.» config-files/directories against a collaborative maintained database.
further information: Homepage
Convert a FPM exported asc file to a csv file for KeePass import.
further information: download, blog entry, and included README file
This is a rather small shell-skript for quickly init your broadband router to reconnect, thus get a new IP adress. This could sometimes be a nice helper app – e.g. for development of other tools or for «accelerating» your Rapidshare downloads 😉
A small GUI, based on gtkdialog, is included.
further information: download
Perl module for retrieving entries from FreeDB by searching for keywords (artist,track,album,rest).
This module was unsupported due to major changesof the FreeDB website and lag of time on my side.
Reini Urban has ported the module to the current site and thus its available again! THANKS Reini!
We`ll try to add more fancy multi-page-parsing later.
further information: homepage

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