Scripting „Gembird energenie EG-PM1W-001“

The „Gembird energenie EG-PM1W-001“ is a IP-Plug thus you could control a power-plug by your wlan. Additionally its a wlan repeater.

Most of compareable devices are „just“ App-based (so controlable by mobiles), have no(!) webinterface and are closely connected to a vendor-cloud.
The EG-PM1W-001 is NOT … it has a webinterface and of couse could easily be controlled using curl. Here is how:

Switch it on:
curl -s -b "user=admin;pass=PASSWORD" -d "gpionum=21&socket1=1" http://IPADR/goform/setSocket

Switch it off:
curl -s -b "user=admin;pass=PASSWORD" -d "gpionum=21&socket1=0" http://IPADR/goform/setSocket

Read the state:
curl -s -r http://IPADR/status.asp -b "user=admin;pass=PASSWORD" http:///goform/formDeviceStatus

…comes to
Sat Apr 16 12:26:49 UTC 2016;0,0,0,0;1;1,Name1,1;0,Name2,0;0,Name3,0;0,Name4,0

…where the „1“ in front of „Name1“ is the state.

2 thoughts on “Scripting „Gembird energenie EG-PM1W-001“

  1. This works for the firmware before 1.09, after 1.08 the syntax is changed.
    But since 1.09 you can access via telnet and put command power on/off to the socket to switch. Therefor you log into the webgui and set the PM Port to 5000 and a paswd. Then telnet with admin/pswd. Its a complete linux with several commands possible. You can even mount a share to have more 🙂

  2. The Telnet sript to cycle the socket would be like:
    (sleep 4;echo „admin“; sleep 2; echo „admin“; sleep 4; echo „power off“; sleep 5; echo „power on“; sleep 2;echo „exit“ ) | telnet

    The correct curl syntax with 1.09 firmware is like this:

    Switch it on:
    curl -s -b „user=admin;pass=admin“ -d „socknum=1&power=1“

    Switch it off:
    curl -s -b „user=admin;pass=admin“ -d „socknum=1&power=0“

    Read the state:
    curl -s -b „user=admin;pass=admin“

    …comes to
    Fri Jan 2 22:24:26 UTC 1970;0,0,0,0;1;1,Modemstrom;0,Name2;0,Name3;0,Name4

    …where the „1“ in front of „Name1“ is the state (ON in this case)

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