automation technologies
IEC 61131: Programmable Controllers
IEC 61499: Function Blocks
IEC 62541: OPC UA
DIN 19227: Control technology; graphical symbols and identifying letters for process
control engineering; symbolic representation for functions
IEC 62424: Representation of Process Control Engineering (CAEX)
IEC 61512: Batch Control
                      IEC 62443: Industrial communication networks – Network and system security series
VDI VDE 3682: form. Prozessbeschreibung
VDI VDE 2653: Agentensysteme in der AT
VDI VDE 2657: Middleware in AT (coauthor)
                      VDI VDE NAMUR 2658: Automation engineering of modular systems in the process industry (Module Type Package / MTP)
automation and process control systems
Invensys / IPS IA-Series (w/ Wonderware Archestra)
Siemens Simatic S7 (S7-300/400, ET200, WinAC, WinAC ODK (CMI, SMX),
Profibus, Profinet, mEC31 RTX, Microbox, …)
Beckhoff Automation – TwinCAT 3
office / management
(MS) Office Package