here are some chronological ordered documents – e.g. slides of talks, I held.
(german) Vortrag auf dem Agenten-Expertenforum in Stuttgart zum Thema Selbstkonfiguration proaktiver Geräte für die Automatisierungstechnik
poster (english, PDF, 100kb) A general approach to pluggable workflow-processing for the next generation UNICORE, at the Cracow Grid Workshop (CGW) 2006
other talks like project internal reports where not of public interest in 2006
talk (english, PDF, 340kb): A talk I held at HOBIT Meeting ’05 in Berlin
poster (english, PDF, 140k): A poster about WebService interconnections at the German Conference on Bioinformatics 2005
poster (english, PDF, 1MB): A HOBIT poster also presented at the GCB 2005
poster (english, PDF, 700k): A BiBiServ poster at Bioperspectives 2005
talk (english, PDF, 320kb): A talk I held at HOBIT Meeting ’05 in Cologne
talk (english, PDF, 85kb): During HOBIT meeting in Bielefeld I held a talk.
workshop (english, PDF, 230kb): Also part of the HOBIT meeting was this Workshop.
small description of problems (english, PDF, 34kb): Problem discussion at HOBIT Meeti ng.
talk (german, PDF, 650kb): As part of the RBG-Seminar I held an introducing talk to Apache Jakarta Tomcat Server.